The worst thing that could happen to your business is that you put a lot of effort into your marketing strategy and end up going completely unnoticed. 

Nobody wants that.

That’s why we’ve decided to help you develop one of the most powerful marketing tools that ever existed: video. Bear with us as we guide you through a thorough guide to realise 9 unusual video marketing ideas that will get you seen in no time.

What Is Video Marketing And Why You Need It…

How many times have you found yourself persuaded to buy, or decided to learn more about a certain company after watching one of their highly engaging videos? 

We have certainly put far too many things in our InstaCart after watching certain reels on Instagram! (And don’t even get us started on how many impulse purchases Hazel’s made on TikTok!)

We live in a highly competitive world, we know. 

We also live in an age where almost everything has to be visually appealing and entertaining. Customers are tired of static pictures and old infomercials. 

That’s probably for two main reasons: the market is mercilessly launching billions of new products every day, often allowing very similar objects to coexist – think about dupe products, and the second one is that we live in the age of social media. 

This became even truer when the pandemic was at its worst. Suddenly finding ourselves connected 24/7 made us more vulnerable to purchasing unnecessary products, but also, bored to death.

Statistics show that in 2020 96% of customers drastically increased their video consumption and said they wished to see more video content from their favourite brands. 

Are you starting to see where this is going, right? 

In a consumerist jungle filled to the brink with brand new gadgets every day, you have to be prepared to play your cards well. 

Do You Have A Winning Product? Now Sell It!

One of the most amazing sides of social media is that they are easily accessible. One of the downsides of social media is that they not only are easily accessible, they’re also incredibly fast-paced. Trends change in the matter of days and you have to be ready to ride them or die. 

If you have carefully crafted a winning product that you think will send your target audience into a frenzy, you have to sell it.

Are you unsure on how to do that? There’s nothing to worry about. That’s what we are here for.

Develop Your Strategy (Yes, Before Everything Else)…

The internet is vast. The market is a jungle. Social media is almost impossible to keep up with. Even if you had the best product ever invented, you couldn’t just film an amatorial video and toss it around the web. You will need a proper strategy. And that is, actually, something you should develop even before having the actual products on hand. 

We’ve discussed a few tricks and tips to get you started in the amazing world of marketing, but video marketing is a whole other field. While it follows some of the marketing ground rules, it also comes with a long list of other skills you should acquire before you get started. 

Get To Know Your Product (And Its Unique Selling Point)…

This is something you have to focus on. One of the main faults of an entrepreneur is lacking the objectivity to analyse their products; they believe in what they’ve created so much that every critique – be it constructive or not- they might receive is shunned. When you are selling something, specifically if you created your own product, you can’t risk being unprepared on what your product’s flaws are. And this is a universal truth, in marketing. 

Specifically in video marketing you have to be able to capture your product from every angle without using too many words. What is it that you are selling? Is it just a potato peeler or the experience of a family dinner where everyone cooks something using your potato peeler? And what makes your product unique? Try to come up with a list of adjectives that you would use to visually convey the nature of your product.

Get To Know Your Audience…

This is extremely crucial for a great number of reasons, the first one being that different audiences use different mediums. If you are selling something whose main buyers are 50-60 years old European men, for example, you shouldn’t be wasting resources on developing a TikTok channel.The second one is that different audiences might have different values, stories and even languages. And what is the visual language that your audience speaks? 

You want them to be able to enjoy every last second of your video so that you can guide them through the buyer’s journey stage they find themselves at. Do the right research and move ahead from there. Once you get to know who your ideal buyer is, everything should move rather smoothly and in a fun way!

Find The Right Spots…

Where do you think your video has the potential to go big? Or, to rephrase this better: where do you need to post based on the actual statistics? And how? And at what time? Identify the right spots for you to be acknowledged as an actual expert and start studying what kind of content you could be shooting.

Consider Collaborating With Bigger Personalities…

You’ve probably come across several social media personalities not thinking much about them. In fact, you might have thought that they didn’t actually have a real job. And there’s nothing further from the truth, as you probably already know by now!

In the age of social media, most of the products we buy have to be endorsed by influencers who, quite literally, have the power to influence huge chunks of the population with a single, tiny, post. That’s because they are recognised as authorities in their fields and people trust their judgement and are willing to follow it. Collaborating with influencers would be beneficial because you would instantly gain access to a wider chunk of followers you probably don’t have and people would be more likely to listen to what they have to say. 

Invest In Ads…

To be sure that your video marketing strategy is working, you have to be ready to invest some money in promoting your posts on the social media of your choice. Otherwise, your post will disappear in the jungle of other daily posts.

Work On Building A Consistent Audience

To make sure that your video has the potential to reach more people you shouldn’t just create and shoot killer content. This would be just one of the several things you have to work on! Remember that you can’t go far without a loyal audience, and if you want to ensure that your video goes big you should idealistically work on posting consistently to gain more followers and engagement. 

Now Film It!

Oh well, before filming you should actually work on sketching the content you would like to realise. Take some time to brainstorm and don’t be afraid to ask for the help of a professional if you need to give your video a more refined look. 

Do you need someone to help you edit? Hire a freelancer to do that for you. 

Do you need someone to shoot the actual video? Marvellous. Remember that you are a business person and nobody actually expects you to be able to create, direct and film your very own content. 

If anything, people expect you to be capable of recognising what kind of content could work with your brand and how. But knowing when to delegate to someone more skilled than you are is an ability just as important as any others, in marketing.

In the next paragraph we will help you identify some of the coolest video marketing ideas that can work with the vast majority of audiences. Remember that each of them has to be customised according to your brand, your product and your target. Shall we start? Aaaaand, ACTION!

9 Video Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Go Big…

#1 A Day Inside Your Factory

People seem to go crazy about this kind of format that enables them to get a glimpse into their favourite brand. Especially after the pandemic, customers are extremely keen on supporting small and local businesses. They wish to see how their favourite products are made, and possibly, who made them. With ethical consumption being a crucial trend, potential customers want to ensure that what they buy is sustainable from an ecological and human perspective. Plus, these kinds of videos have a soothing effect and many people watch them to relax. 

#2 Unboxing: All You Need To Know About It

As you might have noticed, two big trends in video marketing are the process of boxing and unboxing. We are used to participating in others’ lives on a daily basis, thanks to social media, and seeing someone else doing something spectacular or being excited about a new package brings us joy. But there’s obviously more to it. Unboxing videos are usually done by influencers, who use their bigger pool of followers to share various information and suggestions. Having an influencer unbox your package shows their endorsement as much as them reviewing one of your products and will drive more people to buy.

#3 User Generated Content 101

What do we mean by user-generated content? Well, for starters, it’s something you should definitely be aiming for. As you probably gathered, these kinds of videos are realised by users (aka your customers). The best part about them is that you don’t have to take the time to plan and shoot them: your users will do that for you. But this is also the worst part. 

People love user-generated content because they are spontaneous, unstaged and give them instant reviews. They’re nothing like old school advertisements. They’re real. You see where this is going, right? As a part of your user-generated content, you could receive negative video reviews. But that’s part of the game and all companies have received at least a couple of them. If your brand is starting to get a bad reputation, though, think about doing some changes!

#4 Behind The Scenes…

Behind the scenes videos are similar to #1. And yet, they’re different. They are technically shot inside your company and show you and your team at work, but they don’t focus on the productivity aspect. Behind the scenes in video marketing are useful to help your customer know your brand in a holistic way, meaning that they get to know you, your team, what you do and why you do it. 

This is something extremely important because it brings your customers to like you and care for you on a personal level. Think about your favourite shop -or activity-: after becoming a regular you are likely to develop a personal relationship with sales assistants and staff, and you are more keen on listening to their suggestions. Plus, everyone has been rewatching “The Office” during the pandemic and they’re in for similar content!

#5 Go Live…

Going live is a powerful tool. It gives you the undivided attention of who’s joining and helps you gain the right engagement. Especially if you are the head of your company, people will be thrilled to meet you and get the chance to talk to you, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Plus, usually live videos are announced beforehand and a countdown is set. People have expectations and will be really excited to know what you have to tell them.

Like all other video marketing ideas, it might be detrimental if you decide to overdo it. Should you decide to go live, please don’t do a live a day unless you truly have something important to say. People will get annoyed otherwise, and you don’t want that!

#6 Create A Video Template That Your Users Can Use…

This is for professional video marketers! You know what’s better than filming your employees while they try to do the latest TikTok dance? Being the author and launcher of a social media trend. Create templates that everyone could liberally use, it doesn’t matter if they know you already: they’ll get there, you’ll see. 

#7 The Making Of…

Does your company have a signature product that your customers are crazy about? Fantastic. Get them to see what’s behind the creative and production process. How was their favourite product created? How long did it take you to get to the final product? Film your journey as if it were a documentary. Tell your story and the rest will follow!

#8 Q&A

What is better than customer service? A personalised video of you answering your customer frequently asked questions. If you choose to film a Q & A, remember to set up a poll for people to insert their questions, so that you know beforehand what they are willing to know!

#9 Share A Sneak Peek Into Your Life

If your business is growing at a fast pace and you are getting more and more exposure every day, people will be truly interested in getting to know YOU better. How do you spend your days? Do you work out? Do you have a favourite place to eat? And how do you work on your brand? The list goes on and on. Same as with other kinds of video, a sneak peek will help your customer humanise you and your brand. Take a look at other business people on social media and be ready to get inspired! 

Get Ready For Success!

In these short paragraphs we invited you to a journey through video marketing. It might look complicated but everything will be easier once you get started. Get ready to have fun and… for success!

Do you want to maximise your chances of breaking the internet? That’s what we are best at. Give us a call and please, avoid doing TikToks if you don’t know where to start!

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