You created a product that’s sooooo good, you would like to scream it to the whole world but don’t know how to do it without annoying every potential customer in your audience? Well, maybe you could try hiring a video marketing agency to help you with that!

But what is video marketing and why is it so important for your business? And why could a video marketing agency be the solution to your problem?

We All Love Videos, Right?

As a matter of fact, we seem to love videos more than we think. But let’s face it: in the age of social media – and, specifically, during the pandemic-, how many times we’ve been persuaded that we truly needed a specific product we kept seeing all over our friends’ accounts? I don’t know about you, but I certainly have more than I would like to admit. And this is far from being just a mere perception: statistics show that they are one of the audience’s favourite marketing tools. 

A Viral Example: TikTok (Aka Don’t Leave Me On Social Media Unattended)…

After the pandemic had us house ridden and connected for days on end, many things -virus included- went viral.

Some of them owed their newly gained popularity to one of teenagers’ favourite platforms: the Chinese social media TikTok. 

Like many other social media during the pandemic, they became a daily habit and significantly incremented their customers’ base and how much time they spent there.  All the marketing strategies needed to be recentered on social media, and that included investing more in videos. And yet some of the most incredible marketing results were gained through earned social media on TikTok. With the term “earned”, we refer to social media space that you don’t have to pay for: it’s, quite literally, space that your customers decide to give you on their own accounts by sharing some of your material. 

For those of you who are not familiar with how TikTok works, it’s a kind of social media based on video content only. Videos can go anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes and the topics vary according to trends, users and audiences.

Well, what happened thanks to this apparently innocuous social post was almost miraculous. After several users started posting videos about specific products, these became viral. Want to know why it’s so special? Many of these products were not new and had, in fact, been on the market for years before becoming that popular. 

I’m a make-up enthusiast and I’m not proud to admit that I might have spent something like £500 on posh products; hence, I was kind of dubious of TikTok trends, as users usually share ridiculously cheap products. 

Well, one of the biggest trends of last year was what became known as “The TikTok Mascara”, aka Maybelline Sky High Mascara. After reaching the Chinese platform, it became unavailable in many shops and was the most sought after mascara of the year: to the point that even I decided to try it. At this point, it doesn’t even matter if I liked it or not -and I adored it- because TikTok had me buy something that I wasn’t in the target for. 

The target for said mascara were young women from 15 to 22, habitual users of TikToks who can’t afford to spend £80 on eyeshadows only. Now you do the math of how old I am and how bad I am at saving money.

But it wasn’t the only time I decided to mindlessly click on objects I absolutely had no need for because I kept seeing them used on Instagram and TikTok. I am also really ashamed to have invested £15 in a pair of the infamous “TikTok leggings” which are, in reality, a cheap pair of honeycomb textured leggings that were supposed to give me a hassle-free butt lift. Which, needless to say, they didn’t. But again, this is not relevant. Yes, my husband wasn’t impressed and neither was I, but in the end, I bought something I wasn’t targeted for.

You see how this is relevant, right?

Let’s get into more specific details on how videos might be the component your business is missing to go big.

How To Find The Best Video Marketing Agency In Northiwch Cheshire England North West Chester Manchester Stockport Crewe etc.

What Is Video Marketing? And Why Should You Be Using It?

You have created an amazing new product. Let’s stick with make-up and say that you’ve finally come up with the perfect formula for a foundation. This is the kind of product that people want you to show in detail and from different angles. 

Sure, you could hire a photographer to take the usual, classy pictures and smudge them all over the internet but it wouldn’t be exactly the best thing you could do.

You see, users have become rather aware when it comes to making new purchases. If you took pictures of a foundation, they might think they’re edited. Which they probably are because you probably want to make them look professional. But what they truly prefer is raw, unedited and sincere content, preferably from previous customers. 

If the video catches their attention -and it will- they are more likely to give your product a try. 

Let’s look at some of the data we have from 2021, shall we?

Online video consumption is growing at the expense of traditional broadcast channels. Curious about how much?

In 2020 the average user spent around 7 hours and 55 minutes a week watching videos. Do you really think that investing in a TV Adv would be beneficial? 

Not surprisingly, user-generated content (posted on Facebook and Youtube) grew in popularity and 69% of customers revealed they prefer being informed about new products and services through informative videos.

Finally, 85% of customers would like to see more video content from their favourite brands.

Sure, there are reasons as to why brands don’t feel like investing in video marketing and the very first one is because videos are not so easy to realise and they don’t know where to start. 

And it will take quite some time and a lot of investment before you get your customers to generate their own content!

Data speaks for itself, though, and it’s clear that video marketing is something worth investing in.

That’s why you are probably looking for a video marketing agency!

What Can A Video Marketing Agency Do For You?

The right video marketing agency will do more than just shooting killer content for you and make sure that your products receive the attention they deserve. Being a marketing agency they will probably come with a strategic plan for you and your customer, they’ll help you reach the right audience without neglecting your pre-existing customers… And many other things. 

Specifically, a video marketing agency can:

Build Your Marketing Strategy…

This is probably what a Marketing Agency is best known for. An agency will analyse your product, its strengths and weaknesses and your audience and will help you build a strategy based on this. They will consider all the necessary details, your potential buyers and strategise the content you want to film accordingly.

Help You Build Your Personal Brand…

The first thing you might want to say is “But I already have my brand!”, we know. But this is not always true. Building a personal brand means more than just having an idea of the overall look and feel that it should have, it’s a complex analytical and creative process that takes more than one expert to do properly.

But even if you already had one personal brand that you’ve built with another agency, a video marketing agency will help you realise content that fits your pre-existing brand and it’s respectful of what your audience expects it to be. 

Optimise Your Content For Search…

We’ll never stop talking about the importance of SEO. And if you thought that they were useful for written content only, well, think again! There are many ways in which SEO can improve your clicks and your conversion rates, getting your video to be seen and effective.

Help You Promote Your Content…

Promoting your content is just as important as creating it. A video marketing agency will make sure to know where to place your content and how to boost it the right way. 

Analyse Your Campaign…

What happens after all it’s said and done? Well, you have data left to analyse that will help you improve your past and future campaigns. 

This is, quite easily, one of the biggest perks of hiring an agency.

How To Find The Best Video Marketing Agency In Northiwch Cheshire England North West Chester Manchester Stockport Crewe etc.

What To Look For In A Video Marketing Agency…

If you read this far you are probably really motivated to take the next step to develop an outstanding video strategy. Asking for help to the right team is essential, and these are the things you should be looking for when hiring a video marketing agency.


Yes, needless to say, you should only be hiring highly skilled professionals who are ready to get your business thriving in a few clicks. But how do you assess their actual competence and make sure they’re the right team for your brand? 

Well, first, you should be asking to see their portfolio. That way you will be able to see the kind of brands they are used to working with, and how they are able to adapt to different identities. Being competent in video marketing doesn’t just stop with the mere ability to shoot a trendy, quality video and get some likes on media. It also means being able to give each brand the right representation, according to their voice, target audience and identity. Marketing strategies are not cookie cutters: if you find an agency that does the same thing with every brand, run. They are not professionals. As a matter of fact, they are not even respectful of their client’s brand!

A Team Of Professionals That Can Do More Than Videos…

Yes, sure, the technical part of a video can be hard and require the help of a professional. But there’s so much more to video marketing than just the actual video.

 Find a marketing agency with a team of diverse professionals – content creators, videographers, graphic designers- so that you can optimise the chances of getting some actual returns of investment from your videos. You will need someone that is capable of analysing trends in markets and media, someone who knows how to create effective content and, finally, someone who can shoot professional material.


Creativity is the fuel of video and content marketing. And you should be aiming at the best professionals available. Stay away from boring videographers who constantly need to be helped in finding their creative sparks. They should be able to help YOU and your brand do that!

Look for an agency with colourful, quirky and lively professionals who will be able to infuse you and your brand with their creative magic. After all, you don’t need to bore your audience to death!

Case Studies…

Case studies will help you see what the agency has done before and how they’ve dealt with different brands in the past. They won’t just show you the final product, instead, they will talk you through their creative process according to the brands they’ve had the opportunity to create for. This way you will gain a deeper insight into their ability to deal with different situations, audiences and goals. You will basically see them at work! 

People That Know How To Help You Shine!

The best available agency is the one that is committed to your success and will put their experience at your disposal. But what does that mean? 

Well, for starters, it means that they will want to get to know you personally before starting to create and pitch. They will take the time to talk with you about your brand, your business and your personal goals. 

Then they will ask for feedback on most of the creative process steps, to make sure that you are happy. 

The right video marketing agency knows that the best way for them to shine is to make YOU shine!

People Who Love Everything That’s Pop…

If someone seems to have a great experience but doesn’t know much about the latest trends and social media, probably they’re not the right professionals for you.

Ideally, the right agency will have a scientific approach to social media and pop culture that will help your brand profit from trends.

In the end, it all comes down to looking for somebody who has hands-on experience and passion with and for killer, trendy content.

Think Of The Killer Ideas You Can Realise With A Video Marketing Agency… 

How many ideas do you have? And how many of these did you have to put aside because you lacked the right instruments to have them realised? Well, think of all the things you could do if only you hired the right professionals!

At Acrylic Digital, we are a team of creative, quirky professionals who will go above and beyond to get your brand to shine and thrive. Book your free consultation today and start your journey to success.

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