Simon Nadin

Simon Nadin, Director

Co-founder and director at Acrylic Digital, Simon is a technical wizard and man of many hats. If he’s not busy building websites, coding, or creating apps Simon is very hands-on in all our projects and business development.

Prior to creating Acrylic, Simon earned a BSc and spent twelve years learning everything there is to know about IT, large network setups, maintenance, and programming, eventually becoming the savant we all know an love. After setting up his own successful IT Support and Development company he started working with Nick and quickly realised they could build something pretty wonderful if they joined forces.

He was right.

Simon’s favourite part about running Acrylic is the little ‘work family’ he’s forged at the company, as well as the extended ‘family’ of fabulous clients. Though he often wonders if there really is such a thing as ‘outside work’, Simon has a very supporting family. He runs a fishing club that’s growing every year, and a pool league in Middlewich boasting around 160 members. He describes himself as ‘average’ at both pool and fishing.

He’s being modest.

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