This week is a bit of a watershed moment in the Acrylic office as Brad, our resident tech money, graduates from his apprenticeship and steps into a new role as a fully fledged member of the technical support team. We’re all incredibly proud of him, and thoroughly impressed by how far he has come and how much he has learned in the last year.

I joined the A Team in September, and since then I’ve watched Brad wrap his head around the complexities of website construction, puzzle out a myriad of technical problems experienced by clients large and small, and grow in confidence as he’s taken on more responsibilities, started managing client accounts, and truly excelled. He works hard, but he’s also a perpetually bright and cheerful presence we’re lucky to have in the office.

Check out the man himself hard at work fixing a laptop screen for a client, plus a few highlights from his year as an apprentice…

Our clients depend on Brad to keep their businesses running smoothly, and we all depend on him to fix the techie things that get screwed up in the office (full disclosure, I’m usually the one that broke them).

Beyond all he’s learned as part of his apprenticeship, Brad’s always first to go above and beyond to help out when it comes to growing and marketing Acrylic as a business, whether that means enduring me shoving a camera in his face to take some snaps for our social media, or trying to wrap his head around SEO and all that’s involved in optimising the websites he’s working on.

So, if your computer stubbornly refuses to work, your network goes down, or your website needs updating, we have the perfect man for the job – and we couldn’t be prouder of him 💕

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Hazel Butler
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