So you’re trying to get your company’s message out there, in a world already full of millions of messages. How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and create a marketing system that works for you and your brand?

Essentially it’s all about how you craft a powerful brand story to attract current and potential customers, through the use of an effective content marketing strategy. Now, content marketing involves the creation of various things like blogs, social media posts, vlogs etc. that help stimulate your audience so that they are provided with entertainment or educational gratification. With so much to think about, content marketing can be extremely confusing if you don’t know how to choose an effective strategy for your business, or where to even start looking for one.

Fortunately, we’ve got all the answers to help you find the perfect solution. Here’s how to easily choose an effective content marketing strategy for you and your business…

What’s The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategy For Me?

Content marketing will be different for each and every person writing the content, ranging from entrepreneurs who sell products to businesses that sell services, or just simply individuals working on a hobby they enjoy. But speaking generally (accepting the fact that everyone works differently), there are three main types of content marketing strategy:

  • SEO Blogging
  • Hobby Blogging
  • Content Marketing

While they all use content as a form of marketing, the latter gets the full title because it’s more complex than the use of blog posts alone. With the third strategy, you’re purely investing all of your time into writing great content, across multiple platforms, and that takes a lot more time because you really have to nail down every facet of your content creation strategy.

If you’re blogging purely to give your website regular updates and an SEO boos, or hobby blogging, you’re probably only going to be (or able to) focus on the basics of content marketing. You’ll stick to what you know, or what you can afford to spend your time on, rather than doing a bit of everything like you would in the content marketing model.

The biggest mistake you can seriously make is thinking that content marketing is the same for all these strategies, and the only difference is the intensity of what you do. Many marketers view all content strategies as being fundamentally the same.

They’re really not.

Not even close.

You have the option of two different blogging strategies – hobby or SEO – which can be wisely weaved into a content marketing strategies over time, or you have the full whammy with the final marketing model of content marketing.

But how do you know what to go for?

How do you figure out what is best for you or your business?

And still, what even is the difference between all three?

Hobby Blogging…

Hobby blogging is where most bloggers start. They don’t have a business to market, they simply have a subject that interests them and they want to share it. Their desire is to create content that they love and enjoy writing, that other people will love and follow them to gain more of it. Profit just isn’t relevant. Usually, hobby bloggers don’t have a strategy when it comes to what they post and when, and that’s totally fine because they’re just doing them and doing it fabulously.

Writing about something you’re passionate about should be thrilling and something you actively want to do. You’re writing these blogs for your own gratification, creating a community or making a name for yourself, however, whilst doing it, you’re having fun and absolutely smashing life.

The best part is, you won’t need to put a true content marketing strategy in place because you’re simply having fun and writing blogs at your own pace, in your free time. There’s no real objective to achieve, because sharing your thoughts is the extent of your game plan, and you can do that in any way you please without it mitigating the results. The more frequently you post the better, and certainly as you develop a following consistency is important to retain and build it further. But since your following is nothing more than a collective of people who share your interest, the success or failure of your blog is based not on how many followers you have, but whether or not you’re enjoying yourself.

SEO Blogging…

SEO bloggers are all about the moola. They’re constantly pushing out content ready to rake in that hard-earned cash. They’re using this strategy to rank higher on SERPs like Google, all while increasing their brand awareness and providing worthy content that people want to read.

The website is regularly updated and all content is optimised with a fine tooth comb for the right keywords. It’s a very clever tactic, driving traffic to your website whilst taking on your competitors for that top spot on Google.

But as much as it is a great tactic for a marketing and blogging strategy for local businesses targeting very small areas, the same can’t be said as a content marketing strategy as it only uses basic SEO with around 500 words per post. The reason for this is simple – as a strategy, SEO blogging tends to focus on quantity over quality, in the sense that posting more frequently with shorter posts is favoured over the creation of high-value, complex content, designed to do far more than simply rank and drive traffic.

SEO blogging can be equally as beneficial as content marketing depending on your business model. For example, it can be great for product-based businesses, or startups that have a limited budget.

It’s also a great way to start content marketing, creating a solid base that you can build on in the future. You may not have the resources or need (currently) for a complex content marketing strategy, yet an SEO strategy is a great way to ease into it at a level you are ready for. In fact, it’s far better to star slow and build on it, than to try to jump straight into a level of content marketing you can’t sustain.

You just have to remember that it’s like running a marathon. If you’ve never been to the gym before or attempted to run 26 miles without collapsing in a heap, you’re not going to be able to take on the likes of Mo Farah. You should start slow, and build up, aspiring to rival the likes of Mo Farah, or at least give him a good run for his money. And that’s exactly when you know you can invest your time and budget into content marketing, and that big 26-mile marathon. Speaking of which…

Content Marketing…

The very last strategy (or the full whammy as we call it), is all about creating high-value, rich content that it more than just basic SEO. It makes the clear distinction between blogging and content marketing.

Blogs posts range in length, but SEO blogs usually tend to be quite short around 500 words, allowing you to gain good SEO traction for a relatively small investment. Whereas if you’re creating content using a strong and complex marketing strategy, your blog posts will need to be much longer, at around 2500 words. There is a bit of a paradox here, as the length of your blog posts directly affects their SEO value. Generally speaking, the longer your posts are the better they will perform when it comes to ranking. Which can make it confusing to call a strategy relying on short posts the SEO strategy. The distinction comes because, while longer, richer content performs better in terms of SEO, it also serves multiple functions that go for beyond just SEO.

This is because you’re providing your audience with much more than just an SEO blog, it’s rich and powerful content. You’re trying to build a dedicated clan of your ideal clients, that you’re nurturing so that they actually become clients. This way you’ll be creating passive income, and it can ultimately be a great way to gain your readers’ email addresses and interest them into buying what services you’re offering.

Be consistent and concise with your content, upload regularly and make sure that you’re promoting it in the correct way. It’s the only way to make your content marketing work.

So Which Strategy Is The One For Me?

It can be super difficult to figure out what strategy is right for you when you’re a business, working hard to push your brand out there. You just need to align your objectives and goals with your content marketing strategy and you’ll be well on your way to figuring out which sub-type you should then opt for. To help you figure out the perfect strategy for your business, book for a free consultation below get to discuss your marketing needs with the true experts…

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    Author Profile

    Hazel Butler
    Our Head of Marketing, Hazel Butler, is an award-winning author, copywriter, and editor. Part ghostwriter, part blogger, part videographer, and part strategist, when she’s not endlessly penning content for our clients Hazel’s happily concocting the perfect marketing plans to propel their businesses forward.
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