Your brand, your way.  Identity in a world where competition is everywhere, is key to ensure your Company will stand out in the crowd.  We at Acrylic can not only take your ideas of your business and bring them to life, we also add our own ideas and experience to ensure your brand stands out.

Your logo

First impressions are everything.  Potential new customers, suppliers and business partners will make a quick decision about your business based partly on how professional you appear.  Having a good, well designed logo is more than just that first impression.  Its about leaving a lasting impression.

Here at Acrylic, we don’t just give 1 option.  We ensure you have choice and unlimited edits until you are 100% happy that your new logo will present your business they way you want it.

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Business Cards

Despite a digital world, a business card can be crucial in developing a business of any size.  As business cards are handed out to prospects and customers and they can be highly versatile form of marketing your brand.  There are unlimited styles and designs giving numerous opportunities to promote your brand and anyway you want.

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Banners and leaflets

Now you have a Logo, a business card… what about awareness of your brand.

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