Looking for an effective way to boost your business? Blogging is definitely the way forward. With a whole plethora of advantages, it’s undoubtedly worth taking the time to set up a blog (or ask us to do it for you) and reap the benefits! But what exactly can blogging do for your business? Find out below… 

The Benefits of Blogging For Business… 

There are thousands of advantages of blogging, but of course we’re not going to pinpoint each and every one. Instead, we have picked out the top 12 benefits of blogging for business to help inspire your creative flair! 

#1 Increase Traffic…

One of the best things about blogging is that it will increase traffic to your website. By providing readers with relevant content which ties into your business, you’ll be viewed as a trusted, educated source of information. In turn, if you’ve optimized your page well, you should begin to rank on search engines for your keywords. The higher that you rank, the better your views will be and if you manage to rank in position one, this will dramatically increase your blog traffic. 

#2 Attract New Clients…

Off the back of increasing traffic, blogging can attract new clients very easily. If you’re ranking for keywords which are relevant to your business, those who are searching for more information will come across your expertise. Once landing on your site, if you can provide them with valuable information, it is likely that they will click through to other parts of your site, and hopefully make a purchase. 

#3 Grow A ‘Tribe’…

Growing a ‘Tribe’ is an inbound marketing strategy that is usually used by influencers. In short, by creating something of value, you can draw customers into your business. One of the best ways to do this is to create blog content which is fitting to educate your readers on subjects of interest. Naturally, if your content is well-written and provides valuable knowledge, your tribe should continually grow. 

#4 Demonstrate What Your Business Can Do…

With an ever-growing saturated market of businesses, it can be difficult to get your specific business to stand out from the crowd. This is where blogging comes in. Again, it’s all about valuable content, as this is your opportunity to educate your customers by demonstrating exactly what your business can do. 

For example, imagine that you are browsing two websites and you need to choose one to provide you with a product or service. Would you go for the one that simply advises that they can provide a solution, or one with proof of extensive knowledge in their respective field? It’s all about proving your worth to your customers and giving them the confidence that you are the very best choice. 

#5 Educate On Why What You Do Is Essential…

Educating your potential customers is paramount in growing a successful business. Any great marketing wiz will tell you that to do this, you must start a blog. By blogging, you can teach your readers about your business in a fun and insightful way, whilst remaining professional and advising how what you supply is essential to them. Readers can then make informed decisions on whether they want to become a customer, and chances are they will convert. 

#6 Create Evergreen Results That Snowball

During a blogging journey, you have to consider the types of content you want to write and how they will help to drive the business forward. For example, it’s all well and good to write reactive content based on current events or trending topics, however they will not remain relevant for very long. Vice versa, you could also put all of your focus on evergreen content but never get the chance to have a trending piece of content. It’s important to create a healthy balance.

With a smart blog schedule in mind, you will be able to optimise properly for SEO to reap the benefits. SEO benefits are cumulative and the value of every post and level of results you see from a consistent SEO strategy increases over time.

#7 Build A Network Within Your Niche Market

The internet is already well-saturated with information and blogs, but there is always space for more. You should consider your competitors and take a look at their blogs, if they have one, to identify what information is missing. You can then write and publish your own content, focusing on what isn’t already available and anything unique to your business to begin building a network. Over time, building on your content will start to identify you as an authority within your niche market. 

#8 Maximise The Know, Like, Trust Factor

We cannot stress this enough, blogging will emphasise the amount of trust customers and readers have in your business. By writing as often as you can, you will be providing customers with a reason to keep coming back to your website – so that they can consume fresh content. Educating your readers in your field is a sure way to earn authoritativeness amongst your competitors, helping you to stand out. In short, the more you can provide your customers with, the more trusting they will naturally become.  

#9 Help People Make Purchase Choices

Do you offer a range of similar products or services? Perhaps your business is aimed at targeting beginners in your field? Either way, it is beneficial to both your customers and your business alike to help people when making their purchasing decisions. By providing insight on what you have to offer through blogging and making recommendations, you will not only influence them, but also subliminally advise that you are well-educated and knowledgeable in what they need. In turn, you’ll be remembered as the company who provided that much-needed information, establishing trust. 

#10 Establish Yourself As The Go-to Expert In Your Niche

Thinking about your business niche, it’s helpful to consider your competitors. Look at what valuable information they are providing (if any) and aim to go one step further. Putting forward unique content on your own blog will help to establish you as the go-to expert, confirming credibility. This is a huge benefit of blogging for business as customers will naturally gravitate towards leading businesses in their industries. 

#11 Demonstrate Your Success Through Case Studies

Got an amazing business success story? Don’t keep it hidden! You can use blogging to share your best successes, using them as a case study as proof of your expertise. A great example of this would be Acrylic PC Repairs blog posts on recent repairs. Providing proof of knowledge, it clearly demonstrates exactly what they can do for a customer, whilst showing first-hand what has been done in the past for existing customers. These case studies are incredibly beneficial and if you can recreate something similar for your business, definitely do it! 

#12 Create High-value Content That Can Be Repurposed 

When creating content, bare in mind that you should ensure you can repurpose it as part of a full marketing strategy. Thinking about people’s technology habits, social media is a key part of the majority of the population’s days. Being able to repurpose your content for social media is a great way to boost visibility and remain relevant in the forefront of their minds. Not only this, you should be able to edit your content when necessary to remain fitting and avoid being out of date. Remember, high-value blog content is adaptable. 

If you’re unsure exactly how to set up a blog, or just don’t have the time, we can help. Our in-house team of SEO specialists and creative writers can use their expertise to help you thrive! Just book a free consultation with us below…

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Shannon Greenway
Shannon Greenway
Our Junior Copywriter Shann Greenway is a creative wordsmith. Blogging is her passion, and she spends most of her time writing and editing. As a self-confessed music addict, she loves reviewing albums and interviewing artists, a hobby and skill which transfers well into her role here.

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    Author Profile

    Shannon Greenway
    Shannon Greenway
    Our Junior Copywriter Shann Greenway is a creative wordsmith. Blogging is her passion, and she spends most of her time writing and editing. As a self-confessed music addict, she loves reviewing albums and interviewing artists, a hobby and skill which transfers well into her role here.